As the 1st Navigated TMS centre in Hong Kong, we offer you safe, effective, navigated TMS therapy with the advanced Apollo Navigated TMS system.   Apollo Navigated TMS system provides a confidence-inspiring setting in which patients feel secure and safe.

Coupled with the neuronavigation technology,  we ensure you have a comfortable and satisfying treatment experience with unprecedented accuracy!


Our treatment center offers APOLLO TMS system that truly provides patients with personalized and accurate TMS therapy.

Here you can find a different treatment experience from other TMS service providers!

  • TMS improve neural activity with non-invasive magnetic pulses
  • TMS improve mood, memory and cognitive ability effectively. It can also treat neurological diseases such as depression and dementia, indicated by research evidence
  • Compared to other TMS systems in the market, a research study indicated that Apollo TMS system emitted very low volume during treatment, allowing our patients to relax in a quiet and comfortable environment.
  • The treatment lasts only 19 to 37 minutes
  • Patients can return to normal work and activities after the treatment
  • The exclusive advantage of our system is its neuronavigation technology, which builds a 3D brain model through the MRI brain scan of the client
  • This enables the TMS therapy to become a “visible” treatment
  • Neuronavigation technology can accurately aim at the correct position of the brain, ensuring and magnifying the therapeutic effect
  • Patients’ 3D brain model is used for personalizing the stimulation target and therapy intensity 
  • The intensity of TMS therapy is set according to the individual needs of patients
  • We understand that clients are particularly concerned about the safety of the treatment. The Apollo TMS system is specially equipped with multi-level safety management
  • Our TMS system and clinicians strictly follow the clinical safety guidelines established by the European and American TMS authorities
  • We are committed to ensuring that patients can complete the treatment without any problems or discomfort
  • Our center has clinical psychologists and psychiatrists to provide service
  • The treatment is also carried out by trained clinicians with relevant knowledge and experience 

During the nTMS treatment,

1. 3D Brain Imaging

The system constructs a 3D brain from patient’s MRI head scan

2. Optimal Treatment Intensity

After the construction of 3D brain, the system will find out an individualized and optimal treatment intensity with patients’ EMG measurement.

3. Brain Navigation

Neuronavigation allows accurate simulation of the target spot on the patient’s brain

4. Consistent and Effective Treatment Experience

Once we set the correct stimulation position, we can start TMS treatment.

After completing the first treatment, the system automatically stores the location and intensity of the patient’s need for stimulation, so as to guarantee stable and consistent treatment in the future.